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Dronetag Mini as a part of AMU-LED project September and October 2022

Dronetag Mini, device combining Network + Direct Remote Identification, has been used during the demonstrations carried out in the context of the AMU-LED project. These tests involved more than 30 operations, both real and simulated.

The operators ITG, AXEGA, Cranfield, Catec, INECO, EHang and Airbus used nine aircraft for inspection flights, aerial photography, surveillance, freight transport, air taxi service, priority public service missions and telecommunications.


The Instituto Tecnológico de Galicia deployed in the demonstrations its U-space AIRUS platform to manage air traffic operations developed in accordance with the architecture foreseen in the European regulation. AIRUS managed the operations of all types of aircraft, both manned and unmanned, thanks to its integration with the main drone models and with the Dronetag Mini Remote Identification system. The Dronetag Mini device, autonomous and weighing only 32g, allows to provide the e-Identification service for any type of aircraft, manned or unmanned, as required by the European regulation, thus facilitating air traffic control. Specifically, the Dronetag Mini device was used in a manned helicopter that flew at more than 500 feet, demonstrating that it allows correct localisation even in devices at high altitude. It was also used with successful results in tests carried out with drones in the context of inspection and emergencies and, in the field of transport, with the Aerotaxi Umiles, designed by Tecnalia.

You can check the full report here.