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Market leaders believe in Dronetag

The world of unmanned aerial vehicles is evolving and we were among the first to start cultivating means of drone identification. Today, you can get add-on Dronetag devices in well-known online stores or find them built in the latest drone models by top brands. Thanks to everyone who believes in what we do!

As a joint venture between DFS (German ANSP) and Deutsche Telekom, we are pioneering the future of drones and their safe integration into airspace. Our collaboration with Dronetag enabled us to swiftly integrate Remote ID data into our Unmanned Traffic Management platform to meet all requirements for establishing U-space airspace.

Ralph Schepp

Ralph Schepp Co-founder and COO of Droniq GmbH

Drone operations safety is encoded deep in the Yuneec’s DNA. As we believe that drone
identification makes the airspace much safer and more predictable, we decided to offer the
Remote ID feature to our customers immediately. And as Dronetag worked on the
technology for the last years, getting them onboard propelled us a great distance ahead
in the timeline.

Marcel de Graaf

Marcel de Graaf COO at Yuneec

Automatic sync of flight logs from Dronetag App to DroneLogbook accounts is a great added value for users. Using DroneLogbook + Dronetag is not only the way to become compliant with the latest regulations but also an easy option to have data of your whole drone fleet in a single platform regardless of what drone manufacturer you use at the moment.

Yves Jusot

Yves Jusot Co-founder and CEO of DroneLogbook

High Lander vision is a world where drones are used to their fullest extent and in every walk of life, with that traffic governed by our Universal UTM. This can only happen if all drones can be easily identified by our system and the aviation authorities. Dronetag’s Remote ID technology has been instrumental in helping us advance towards this goal.

Ido Yahalomi

Ido Yahalomi Founder and CTO of High Lander

As the official DJI Enterprise Dealer, our passion lies in providing our customers with the best products and comprehensive services. That's why we prioritize offering top-quality items, including Dronetag Remote ID devices, to ensure our customers have a seamless and safe flying experience.

Jaroslav Řešátko

Jaroslav Řešátko Managing Director at DJI TELINK

The Dronetag integration with Altitude Angel enhances our customer’s situational awareness and operational safety. GuardianUTM users are able to view Dronetag equipped flights in real time, those flights are also seemly integrated into our ARROW detect and avoid technology. 

Altitude Angel

Altitude Angel Team

Reliable and compliant equipment is vital for UTM development. That's why we at OneDrone have chosen Dronetag as our solution for Remote ID requirements. With its seamless set up and comprehensive data provision, Dronetag is the ideal choice for any drone operator looking to ensure safety and compliance in their operations, including those in U-space.

Janez Nebec

Janez Nebec Director of Flight Operations at OneDrone

We have a lot to offer to drone manufacturers, sellers, integrators and local authorities

Our doors are open to new partnerships and new challenges. Whatever you have in mind, don’t hesitate and let’s reach out to us. One never knows what business opportunities lie ahead.