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Dronetag accepted to DIANA Program by NATO

We take immense pride in being chosen as one of the select companies from a pool of 1300 applicants for the prestigious Defence Innovation Accelerator for the North Atlantic (DIANA), spearheaded by NATO. This recognition marks a significant milestone for Dronetag, affirming our dedication to innovation in the realm of unmanned aircraft systems.

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Dronetag Synchronization Now Available for Professional Pilots via DroneLogbook

The new partnership between Dronetag and DroneLogbook allows commercial pilots using the DroneLogbook platform to import telemetry flight data from Dronetag Remote ID devices. In addition to the telemetry data from manufacturers DJI, Wingtra or Sensefly, the users of DroneLogbook can now use data from dedicated Remote ID devices as a backup channel in case standard APIs don’t work or pilot’s drone model is not supported. 

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Dronetag and Yuneec join forces in the strive for the safer drone airspace

Dronetag and Yuneec announced a new partnership. Dronetag remote identification devices Mini and Beacon are now available as recommended Yuneec accessories approved by Yuneec Certified Accessory Program (YCAP). Both companies are working on a built-in module for the upcoming Yuneec H850 model. Dronetag and Yuneec likewise strive to share awareness about an era of digitally visible drones among pilots.

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