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Our vision

Safe & compliant drone airspace

Number of drones is increasing and the world desperately needs a new system. We live on the verge of the Remote ID revolution that will require all aircraft, manned or unmanned, to be digitally visible. To have something like a license plate. Remote ID brings endless possibilities and we decided to take part in this upcoming era when drones fly together, communicate with each other and allow humankind to achieve hardly imaginable things. The future starts now!

Our vision portrayed as flight visible on a mobile phone thanks to Remote ID

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Our team

Pioneers and visionaries
passionate about drones, tech and dev

We started on a hackathon, but today Dronetag is a 20-head machine full of motivated experts tearing down old limits and drafting a completely new field for all drone pilots. We love what we do! Creating the world-smallest add-on Remote ID device or developing the world-first drone fly scanner app, we go all-in into every mission.

Seeking a new challenge in your career?

Join Dronetag! We give experienced specialists enough room to show the best they got. And to excited juniors, we offer enough assistance and growth opportunities to kickstart their careers.

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Our story
Dronetag launch sequence
for a smooth flight

The times when our co-founders firstly met at a Hackathon in Prague and firstly talked about Remote ID devices are long gone. We are one investment and countless successes further, transforming a tiny startup to a quickly growing scale-up with the same exploring vibe and unlimited energy.

During our journey, we have been supported by

What we do

Designing Remote ID devices and developing the Dronetag App

Our portfolio of products and services is snowballing. After add-on devices that pilots can slap on any drones equipping them with Remote ID capability, we add OEM modules for drone manufacturers that can be built in the new drone models. Simultaneously we are developing Dronetag App offering advanced fleet management features not only to professional drone pilots. And as the cherry on top, we are continuously investing our time into assistance to regulators with creating Remote ID standards for airspace Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM) in the EU and US.

Dronetag Mini and Dronetag Mobile App

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