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Striving for the accessible
& safe drone airspace

Modern technologies to keep drone pilots compliant with airspace standards and improve everyone’s safety.

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Meet Dronetag Platform

Remote ID Devices and Dronetag App

Manage all your devices in Dronetag App. Check the airspace zones, plan your flights, browse real-time flight data, inspect other airborne drones and stay notified about any hazards around you. All compliant with the latest US & EU rules.

Visualization of our application, showing map on the left and Dronetag Mini on the right

Why to fly with us

Digitally Visible Drones are the Future of Drone Flying

  • Modern and safe

    One of the highest priorities for all our developers and manufacturers is the security of your data and devices.

  • Worldwide support

    We operate all over the world, so you can enjoy flying without borders. Fully supported are currently US & EU regions.

  • 100% connected

    Dronetag software is seamlessly linked to our precisely crafted devices, so you have all data on hand all the time.

On our way to achieving the highest standards, we work closely with national authorities to shape the future of unmanned aircraft airspace.


You're in a good company

Professional and hobby pilots, as well as drone manufacturers and authorities, are all thrilled with unlimited options that bring our RID devices.

As a joint venture between DFS (German ANSP) and Deutsche Telekom, we are pioneering the future of drones and their safe integration into airspace. Our collaboration with Dronetag enabled us to swiftly integrate Remote ID data into our Unmanned Traffic Management platform to meet all requirements for establishing U-space airspace.

Ralph Schepp

Ralph Schepp Co-founder and COO of Droniq GmbH

Drone operations safety is encoded deep in the Yuneec’s DNA. As we believe that drone
identification makes the airspace much safer and more predictable, we decided to offer the
Remote ID feature to our customers immediately. And as Dronetag worked on the
technology for the last years, getting them onboard propelled us a great distance ahead
in the timeline.

Marcel de Graaf

Marcel de Graaf COO at Yuneec

Automatic sync of flight logs from Dronetag App to DroneLogbook accounts is a great added value for users. Using DroneLogbook + Dronetag is not only the way to become compliant with the latest regulations but also an easy option to have data of your whole drone fleet in a single platform regardless of what drone manufacturer you use at the moment.

Yves Jusot

Yves Jusot Co-founder and CEO of DroneLogbook

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Dronetag accepted to DIANA Program by NATO

We take immense pride in being chosen as one of the select companies from a pool of 1300 applicants for the prestigious Defence Innovation Accelerator for the North Atlantic (DIANA), spearheaded by NATO. This recognition marks a significant milestone for Dronetag, affirming our dedication to innovation in the realm of unmanned aircraft systems.

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