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Remote ID can be a headache. So we made a website as the aspirin for you to make sense of it all

Our newly launched educational website, drone-remote-id.com, is a gift to all drone pilots who prioritize safe and compliant flying. With the Remote ID policy set to take effect in the US and EU, our website provides a comprehensive overview of available Remote ID solutions and current policies in different regions.

drone-remote-id.com is built with user-friendliness and ease of navigation in mind. The website provides a detailed comparison of all available Remote ID solutions and addresses all queries drone pilots may have regarding drone identification policy in their region. By consolidating everything in one place, the website makes it simpler for drone pilots to comprehend the new regulation and its impact on their specific use cases.

"Our team has created a new website as our contribution to the drone industry" said Lukáš Brchl, co-founder and CEO of Dronetag. "As a drone pilot myself, I understand the concerns many of us have about the new Remote ID policy. However, I believe there is a misunderstanding that it will take away our freedom. The issue lies with the overflow of official information that can be overwhelming and difficult to understand, leading to headaches and confusion. With the aim of promoting a safer sky, we have invested our time and efforts into making Remote ID as easy to understand as possible. Our goal is to ensure that everyone knows what to do in their specific scenario. I am confident that this new source of the latest information will help alleviate the dramatic situation and provide a clear path for the drone industry to evolve. It will also pave the way for frictionless adoption of new policies and technologies.

Do not miss the most comprehensive resource for Remote ID and visit the website now: drone-remote-id.com