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Drone Nerds Becomes US Distributor for Dronetag Mini and Beacon

We have officially named a new distributor for the US. Drone Nerds, the largest distributor of enterprise drones in the USA, has become the number one choice for all American pilots looking for Remote ID devices, Dronetag Mini and Dronetag Beacon.

Jeremy Schneiderman, CEO of Drone Nerds, shares our vision of safety and compliance required for future drone operations: "As the landscape of drone regulations evolves, ensuring safety and compliance becomes paramount for drone operators. The Dronetag Mini and Dronetag Beacon, now available in the United States through Drone Nerds, empower drone pilots with the tools they need to navigate airspace safely.

And we couldn't agree more. "The future of drone technology is taking flight as Dronetag and Drone Nerds embark on a visionary partnership. Our FAA-approved Remote ID devices and UTM solutions, combined with Drone Nerds' expansive reseller network, will redefine the US drone landscape. Together, we're pushing the boundaries of what's possible in the drone industry." adds Lukas Brchl, Founder & CEO of Dronetag

The new partnership revolutionizes the comfort and speed for all American drone pilots who need to make their drone Remote ID compliant. As quickly and comfortably as it gets.