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We Successfully Entered Japanese Market with our Remote ID Solutions

We are thrilled to announce our successful entry into the Japanese market. Following our recent expansion in Taiwan, this milestone highlights our dedication to global compliance and innovation in drone safety and security.

We have obtained a certification number for specified radio equipment from the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communication (MIC). Our Remote ID solution is fully compatible with the standards set by the MLIT (Japanese Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport, and Tourism).

We will showcase our cutting-edge drone visibility ecosystem at the Japan Drone Expo in Chiba City from June 5-7, 2024. As the only provider offering Remote ID solutions that comply with regulations in Japan, the US, and the EU, we are uniquely positioned to enhance operational efficiency and mission success for drone pilots worldwide. Our key features include a multi-platform app, advanced fleet management options, and comprehensive flight logging.

Dronetag Mini Beacon3

Our portfolio caters to diverse drone categories, from compact FPV and hobby drones to robust industrial models. Notably, the Dronetag BS, weighing only 5 grams, is the world's smallest and lightest Remote ID module. Additionally, our DRI product offers seamless integration for manufacturers, ensuring compliance with Japan's Remote ID requirements for drones over 100 grams.

We invite partners and integrators to visit our stand at the Japan Drone Expo to explore collaborative opportunities and witness live demonstrations of our technology. This event marks the official launch of our solutions in Japan and reaffirms our commitment to advancing drone safety and innovation.

"We are thrilled to introduce our Drone Identification solutions in Japan. This milestone achievement reflects our unwavering commitment to advancing safety, security, and innovation in the drone industry. We look forward to working closely with stakeholders in Japan to ensure the successful implementation of our technology and contribute to the safe and responsible integration of drones into the national airspace," said Lukáš Brchl, Founder & CEO of Dronetag.

About Dronetag
At Dronetag, we envision a safer airspace through innovative unmanned traffic management and the deployment of digitally visible drones. Recognized as a leader in Remote ID technology across the US and EU, we offer the smallest, lightest devices with superior battery life and cutting-edge capabilities. Our products are widely adopted in UTM and fleet management solutions. In late 2023, we joined the NATO DIANA accelerator to further drive aerospace innovations and contribute to a more secure and advanced future.

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